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Where is my package?

Bad / Defective Vinyl

Bad / Defective vinyl


How long will the sale last?


Can it be cut with a silhouette cameo 3?
The Buffalo Plaid is the price $3.50 for one sheet or are there more?
Is the Style Tech the outdoor vinyl?
If this puff HTV matte or shiny?
Can it be used outside clothing?
How much is postage to UK please?
The Siser easyweed 12x15 sale isn't HTV is it?
How may sheets do you get with with each order ?
What is the thickness of the Dry Erase Vinyl and the Chalk Board Vinyl?
Hi! I have only ever used Siser htv and was wondering if the ThermoFlex Metal Flake is similar to Siser glitter?Thanks for your help!Ashley
Can you build your own package of HTV vinyl?